• Hardback
  • 300 illustrations
  • 304 pages
  • 254 x 216 mm
  • ISBN 9781856698191
  • Published October 2011

Over sixty years Bob Gill has created many of the key landmarks that make up the creative landscape of graphic design today. In Bob Gill so far, he guides us through that remarkable career from the first revolutionary designs and illustrations of the early 1960s to the graphic design and children's books of recent years.

One of the founders in 1962 of the legendary design studio Fletcher/Forbes/Gill (forerunner of today's continent straddling Pentagram studio), Gill also went on to found the Designers and Art Directors Association (D&AD). He ultimately left to pursue his own design commissions and projects in teaching, filmmaking and children's books, establishing the astonishing output which fills every page of this book.

Bob Gill, so far is essential reading and reference for any graphic design professional or enthusiast who wants to understand how far design and illustration have come in the past sixty years.

About the Author

Bob Gill lives and works in New York, and lectures regularly on graphic design and illustration around the world. Among his groundbreaking publications are: Graphic Design: Visual Comparisons (1963), Graphic Design Made Difficult (1992), Graphic Design as a Second Language (2003) and Words Into Pictures (2009).

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'In so far as training your brain as a graphic designer goes, this book is essential reading—and one to refer back to every time you get a dose of designer's block or you return to the drawing board after a client rejects your proposal for the umpteenth time.'