Cats: Best in Show

By Polly Horner and Sue Parslow

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  • Playing cards
  • 30 colour illustrations
  • 33 pages
  • 4 x 2⅝ ins
  • ISBN 9781856699297
  • Published July 2014

Find out who's the cat that got the cream with this beautifully illustrated set of cards.

Does a Persian need more grooming than a Birman? Has a Turkish Van got a louder purr than a British Shorthair? Is a Siamese more independent than a Ragdoll?

With 30 cat cards, each with scores in 6 categories to choose from, you’ll have hours of fun playing Cats: Best in Show.

About the Author

Polly Horner lives in Rye in East Sussex. When she is not drawing, she enjoys going for long walks where she comes across a number of dogs, which she will inevitably stop, pat and photograph. She is the author and illustrator of Polly and the North Star (Orion) and illustrator of Dogs: Best in Show (Laurence King, 2011).

Sue Parslow is a Lincolnshire-based writer, author and editor of Your Cat, Britain's best-selling cat magazine. Her childhood cat was a black and white moggy named Pixie. Sue has gone on to share her home with many more cats, including her beloved companions of 18 years, Ruskin (a Somali) and Rossetti (a mixed pedigree). She loves cats for their beauty and intelligence.

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30 trump cards containing illustrations and facts on the following breeds:
Abyssinian (Ethiopia/US)
Balinese (US)
Bengal (US)
Birman (France)
British Shorthair (UK)
Burmese (Burma)
Burmilla (UK)
Cornish Rex (UK)
Devon Rex (UK)
Egyptian Mau (Egypt)
Exotic Shorthair (US)
Korat (Thailand)
La Perm (US)
Maine Coon (US)
Manx (UK)
Norwegian Forest (Norway)  
Ocicat (US)
Oriental (Thailand)
Persian (Iran/Persia)
Ragdoll (US)
Russian Blue (Russia)
Selkirk Rex (Hungary)
Siamese (Thailand)
Siberian (Russia)
Singapura (Singapore)
Showshoe (US)
Somali (Australia)
Sphynx (Canada)
Tonkinese (Canada)
Turkish Van (Turkey/UK)

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