Cut and Fold Techniques for Promotional Materials

By Paul Jackson

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  • Paperback
  • 175 illustrations
  • 128 pages
  • 8.75 x 8.75 in
  • ISBN 9781780670942
  • Published March 2013

Cut and Fold Techniques for Promotional Materials is a unique collection of over 40 attention-grabbing cut-and-fold designs that when printed and illustrated form memorable give-aways to promote and advertise services and products. The book provides a one-stop source for novelty promotional materials, many appearing in print for the first time.

Some designs are interactive toys that turn inside out or reveal hidden faces when played with, others are more practical, offering ingenious ways to fold-up letters, brochures and posters, or to create novelty envelopes and leaflets. All the designs will enhance a message or presentation, grabbing attention in ways that simple printing can never achieve.

Following the elegant, easy-to-follow style of Paul Jackson’s other titles for Laurence King, Cut and Fold Techniques for Promotional Materials is an essential resource for marketing professionals and design students, and an inspirational guide to anyone looking to enhance the presentation of their product or service.

About the Author

Paul Jackson has been a professional paper folder and paper artist since 1982 and is the author of 30 books on paper arts and crafts. He has taught the techniques of folding on more than 150 university-level design courses in the UK, Germany, Belgium, the US, Canada and Israel. These include courses in Architecture, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Jewellery, Product Design, Packaging, Ceramics, Industrial Design, Fine Art, Basic Design and Interior Design. He has also taught many workshops in museums, arts centres and festivals and has worked as 'folding consultant' for companies such as Nike and Siemens.

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Ch1: How to Make What's in the Book
How to Cut and Fold / Software / Printing / Choosing Paper and Card / Symbols

Ch2: Flexagons
Opening Text / Tri-hexaflexagon / Square Flexagon – 3 faces / Windmill Base Manipulations / Shape-shifter / Pivoting Cubes / Flexicube    

Ch3: Modular Solids
Opening Text / Six-piece Cube / Three-piece Cube / Two-piece Cube (two versions) / Jigsaw Cube / Slot Solids / A4 pyramids

Ch4: Envelopes and Wallets
Opening Text / A4 Random / A4 Angled / A4 Four-fold Wrap / Japanese Envelope / French Envelope / CD Envelope / Engineered Envelope

Ch5: Puzzles and Illusions
Opening Text / Classic 'Impossible' Illusion / Negative/Positive Cube / Flat Rhombus illusion / Tangrams / Dissection Transformations / Inside-Out Cube / Left-to-right Transformation Illusion / Happy-Sad Illusion / Front-to-back: No 1 / Front-to-back: No 2

Ch6: Folded Booklets
Opening Text / Eight-page Booklet / Back-and-forth Booklet / Origami Book / Collapsing Saw-tooth Book

Ch7: Novelties
Opening Text / Spinning Spiral / Table-top Spinner / Expanding Surface / Chain of Cubes / Basketball Game / Banger! / Hanging Letters / Tumbler / Masu Box / Tower of Collapsing Cubes
How to Use What You Make