Cut Out + Keep: Around the USA in 50 Craft Projects

By Cat Morley and Tom Waddington

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  • Paperback
  • 1068 illustrations
  • 240 pages
  • 8⅝ x 8⅝ ins
  • ISBN 9781780674162
  • Published February 2015

Join us on a road trip with a difference. Intrepid crafters Cat Morley and Tom Waddington set off around the United States using recommendations and tips from visitors to their popular website Cut Out + Keep. Inspired by the distinctive history and culture Cat and Tom found in each state, they created a step-by-step project for every one. The states are brought to life with the authors’ recommendations of cool places to visit, plus plenty of colour photographs. The projects cover the full range of crafts from knitting, sewing and papercraft to jewellery making, as well as fun things to eat. Why not felt a Mini Cactus inspired by Arizona’s desert scenery, or make a License Plate Notebook in tribute to Michigan's car heritage? A Hollywood Lampshade recreates the bright lights of California’s movie culture, while Fall Colour Napkins celebrate New Hampshire on the other side of the continent. Whatever you choose, you’ll take away new inspiration for your crafting life.

About the Author

Cat Morley started Cut Out + Keep as her craft blog while still at university. In 2007, with her partner Tom Waddington, she turned the blog into a community website ( to which any member can submit craft projects. The website receives a million visitors a month and now keeps them both busy full time.

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Alaska     North Pole Bauble
Washington     Pike Place Cup Cozy (inspired by the first ever Starbucks in Pike Place, Seattle)
Oregon     Sasquatch Slipper Boots (inspired by Big Foot who has been ‘spotted’ in the state)
California     Hollywood Sign Lampshade (inspired by the skyline and bright lights of Los Angeles)
Hawaii     Crochet Lei scarf

Rocky Mountains
Idaho         Gemstone Soap (inspired by the nickname ‘The Gem State’)
Montana     Great Outdoors Air Freshener (inspired by the Rocky Mountains)
Wyoming     Jackalope Jewelry Holder (inspired by the mythical creature first ‘spotted’ here)
Nevada     Playing Card Bouquet (inspired by the casinos and chapels in Las Vegas)
Utah         Wanted Sign Mirror (inspired by Butch Cassidy and other outlaws in the state)
Arizona     Mini Cactus  (inspired by the desert scenery)
Colorado     Tumbleweed Chandelier (inspired by the ghost town the authors visited)
New Mexico     UFO Cake Pops (inspired by Roswell, site of the alien crash landing)

North Dakota     Origami Sunflower Clock (inspired by the numerous sunflowers growing in the state)
South Dakota     Postcard Travel Pillow (inspired by Mount Rushmore)
Nebraska     Corn To Popcorn Plushie (inspired by the nickname ‘The Cornhusker State’)
Kansas     Ruby Red Shoes (inspired by Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz)
Oklahoma     Route 66 Vintage Tee (inspired by the famous road)
Minnesota     Roll-up Shopping Tote (inspired by the Mall of America)
Iowa         Pie Shakes (inspired by the famous drink from Hamburg Inn in Iowa City)
Missouri     Bottle Cap Ring (inspired by St Louis, the home of Budweiser)
Arkansas     Old Shack Birdbox (inspired by the nickname The Natural State)

Great Lakes
Wisconsin     Extreme Grilled Cheeses (from the state known as America’s Dairyland)
Illinois     Tribune Newspaper Nails (inspired by Chicago’s famous newspaper)
Indiana     Drive-In Movie Popcorn (this state had the first drive-in movie)
Michigan     License Plate Notebook (inspired by Motown and Henry Ford)
Ohio         Food Truck Napkin Holder (inspired by Airstream trailers, which were invented in Ohio)

New England
Maine         Vacationland Passport Holder (inspired by the state’s nickname ‘Vacationland’)
N. Hampshire     Fall Color Napkins (inspired by the autumn colors and Thanksgiving)
Vermont     Vermontipolitan Ice Cream (the state is famous for ice cream)
Massachusetts Shadow Votives (inspired by Salem, home of the witch trials)
Connecticut     Moonshine Perfume
Rhode Island     Neon Sign Chalkboard (inspired by the historic Modern Diner in Pawtucket)

North Atlantic
New York     Liberty Crown Headband
New Jersey     Plant-Me Greetings Card (inspired by the nickname ‘The Garden State’)
Pennsylvania     Lucky Penny Bracelet
Delaware     First State Necklace (inspired by the nickname ‘The First State’)
Maryland     Tattoo Sailor Collar (inspired by the Tattoo Museum in Baltimore)

South Atlantic
West Virginia     Black Bear Hood (inspired by the state animal, the black bear)
Virginia     Union Flag Cake Bunting (inspired by President’s Day and George Washington)
North Carolina Paper Airplane Earrings (the state where the first flight was made)
South Carolina  Lifesaver Cushion (inspired by Myrtle Beach and the seaside)
Florida     Alligator Oven Mitts (alligators live here!)

The South
Texas         Tex-Mex Nacho Tortilla Chips and Cowboy Hat Dip Bowls
                        (inspired by the cowboys and Tex Mex)
Louisiana     Voodoo Doll Pincushion (inspired by the voodoo shops in New Orleans)
Mississippi     Steamboat Coasters
Tennessee     Guitar Bag (inspired by the Tennessee music scene)
Kentucky     Secret Sauce (home of KFC)
Alabama     Sweet Tea Mason Jars (inspired by the state’s favourite drink)
Georgia     Bacon Bit Pralines (a twist on the famous candy sold in Savannah)