Hide and Seek: An Around-the-World Animal Search

By Charlene Man

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  • Hardback
  • 17 color illustrations
  • 32 pages
  • 11⅞ x 8⅞ ins
  • ISBN 9781780675909
  • Published August 2015

Help! Some of the animals are hiding! Can you find them and return them to their proper homes?

A fun seek and find book, full of animals from all around the globe, beautifully illustrated by Charlene Man.

A wonderful first introduction for children of 3+ to animals around the world and where they live.

About the Author

Charlene Man is a London-based illustrator originally from Hong Kong. She is also the co-founder of Play-o-logy and a member of Day Job studio.

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A series of seek and find scenes featuring these animals and habitats from around the world

Red Deer - United Kingdom

Emperor Penguin - Antarctica

Koala - Australia

Grey Wolf - Siberia

Spider Monkey - Colombia

Giraffe - Somalia

Giant Panda - China

Flamingo - USA

Grey Seal - Arctic

Brown Bear - Canada

Long-tailed Parakeet - Malaysia

Ring-tailed Lemur - Madagascar

Zebra - Botswana

Indian Rhinoceros - India