I Used to Be a Design Student: 50 Graphic Designers Then and Now

By Billy Kiosoglou and Frank Philippin

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  • Paperback
  • 220 illustrations
  • 256 pages
  • 9.75 x 6.75 in
  • ISBN 9781856698986
  • Published February 2013

This book offers a rare chance to read what graphic designers feel about their education and profession. Fifty influential designers give the low-down about their student days and their professional lives. A piece of their college work is shown alongside an example of current work. Each designer also offers a key piece of advice and a warning, making this a must-read for anyone embarking on a career in design.

The book looks at the process a designer goes through in finding their 'voice'. Topics addressed include how ideas are researched and developed; design and other cultural influences, then and now; positive and negative aspects of working as a designer; motivations for becoming a designer; and whether it's really possible to teach design.

Contributors include Stefan Sagmeister, James Goggin, Karlssonwilker, Studio Dumbar, Daniel Eatock and Hyperkit.

About the Author

Frank Philippin and Billy Kiosoglou met while studying graphic design and set up Brighten the Corners after graduating from the Royal College of Art, London, in 1999. They now have studios in London and Stuttgart. Frank is Professor of Graphic Design at Darmstadt University.

Customer Reviews

Splendid work Review by Ken Garland, Designer, London
Well and truly done on this splendid book!

And thanks also to the adventurous publisher, Laurence King, who
certainly went out on a limb with this one.

Keep up the good work, lads (Posted on 10/22/13)

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Comparison I: Wake-up time then/now
Comparison II: Mode of transport then/now
Comparison III: Favorite food then/now
Comparison IV: Weight then/now
Comparison V: Excercise then/now
Comparison VI: Most valued possesion then/now
Comparison VII: Student years then and professional years now
Comparison VIII: Portraits of the 50 designers then/now

Andreas Gnass (U9 visuelle Allianz; Offenbach, Germany) / Andrew Stevens (Graphic Thought Facility (GTF); London, United Kingdom) / Annelys de Vet (Brussels, Belgium) / António S. Gomes (barbara says...; Lisbon, Portugal) / Ben Branagan (London, United Kingdom) / Bernd Hilpert (unit-design; Frankfurt am Main, Germany) / Brian Webb (Webb & Webb; London, United Kingdom) / Christian Heusser (Equipo; Basel, Switzerland) / Daniel Eatock (London, United Kingdom) / Danijela Djokic (Projekttriangle Design Studio; Stuttgart, Germany) / Emmi Salonen (Studio Emmi; London, United Kingdom) / Marie & Éric Gaspar (ÉricandMarie; Paris, France) / Fons Hickmann (Fons Hickmann m23; Berlin, Germany) / Hans Dieter Reichert (HDR Visual Communication; East Malling, United Kingdom) / Holger Jacobs (Mind Design; London, United Kingdom) / Hoon Kim (Why Not Smile; New York, USA) / Hyoun Youl Joe (Hey Joe; Seoul, South Korea) /
Isabelle Swiderski (Seven25; Vancouver, Canada) / James Goggin (Practise; Chicago, USA) / Jan Wilker (karlssonwilker; New York, USA) / Julie Gayard (Jutojo; Berlin. Germany) / Kai von Rabenau (mono.graphie; Berlin, Germany) / Ken Garland (London, United Kingdom) / Kirsty Carter (A Practice for Every day Life; London, United Kingdom) / Kristine Matthews (Studio Matthews; Seattle, USA) / Lars Harmsen (MAGMA Brand Design; Karlsruhe, Germany) / Laurent Lacour (Hauser Lacour; Frankfurt am Main, Germany) / Liza Enebeis (Studio Dumbar; Rotterdam, Netherlands) / Lucinda Newton-Dunn (space-to-think; Los Angeles, USA) / Maki Suzuki (Åbäke; London, United Kingdom) / Marc van der Heijde (Studio Dumbar; Rotterdam, Netherlands) / Margaret Calvert (London, United Kingdom) / Marion Fink (Basel, Switzerland) / Martin Lorenz (TwoPoints.Net; Barcelona, Spain) / Matthias Görlich (Studio Matthias Görlich; Darmstadt, Germany) / Michael Georgiou (G Design Studio; Athens, Greece) / Nikki Gonnissen Thonik (Amsterdam, Netherlands) / Oliver Klimpel (Büro International; London, United Kingdom) / Paul Barnes (London. United Kingdom) / Prem Krishnamurthy (Project Projects; New York, USA) / Renata Graw (Plural; Chicago, USA) / Richard Walker (KK Outlet/Kesselskramer; London, United Kingdom) / Sandra Ellen (Hoffmann Robbiani Visual Studies; Berne, Switzerland) / Sascha Lobe (L2M3; Stuttgart, Germany) / Stefan Sagmeister (Sagmeister; New York, USA) / Sven Voelker (Sven Voelker Studio; Berlin, Germany) / Tim Balaam (Hyperkit; London, United Kingdom) / Urs Lehni (Lehni-Trüb, Rollo Press, Corner College; Zürich, Switzerland) / Yasmin Khan (Counterspace; Los Angeles, USA) / Yves Fidalgo (Fulguro; Lausanne, Switzerland)

Comparison IX: Past and present (hypothetical) Plan Bs
Comparison X: Age of first design career thought and whether one would do it all over again
Comparison XI: Hours spent designing then/now
Comparison XII: Idea development and research then/now
Comparison XIII: Influential designers then/now
Comparison XIV: Influential design pieces then/now
Comparison XV: Influential authors and books then/now
Comparison XVI: Influential artists then/now
Comparison XVII: Influential directors and films then/now
Comparison XVIII: Likes and dislikes about working as a designer