By Michael Evamy

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  • Paperback
  • 1400 illustrations
  • 336 pages
  • 245 x 190 mm
  • ISBN 9781856698948
  • Published September 2012

Logotype is the definitive modern collection of logotypes, monograms and other text-based corporate marks. Featuring more than 1,300 international typographic identities, by around 250 design studios, this is an indispensable handbook for every design studio, providing a valuable resource to draw on in branding and corporate identity projects.

Logotype is truly international, and features the world’s outstanding identity designers. Examples are drawn not just from Western Europe and North America but also Australia, South Africa, the Far East, Israel, Iran, South America and Eastern Europe. Contributing design firms include giants such as Pentagram, Vignelli Associates, Chermayeff & Geismar, Wolff Olins, Landor, Total Identity and Ken Miki & Associates as well as dozens of highly creative, emerging studios.

Retaining the striking black-and-white aesthetic and structure of Logo (also by Michael Evamy) and Symbol, Logotype is an important and essential companion volume.

About the Author

Michael Evamy is a design journalist, author and copywriter and works with major design companies on branding and identity projects. His previous books include World Without Words and, with Lucienne Roberts, Insight.

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Sans serif / Title case / All upper case / Serif / Title case / All upper case / Mixed case / Small / Large / Mixed font / Modular and grid based / Superbold / Stencil
Cursive / Handwritten / Outline / Inline and multilinear / Blurred / Repeated / 3-D / Retro

Flourishes / Rules and dividers / Cropped / Negative space / Missing parts / Minimal

Rotated / Slanted / Circular / Multilayered / Reflection and inversion / Word / Monogram lock-ups

Single letter marks (A-Z) / Linked letters / In a word / Typographic marks: Dots and fullstops / Slashes / Ampersands / Underlined / Other punctuation / Numerical and mathematical

Letter carriers / Carriers: Circles / Squares / Rectangles / Other shapes / Frames

Chinese / Arabic / Hebrew / Bilingual

Windows and patterns / Illustrative characters / Combination marks

'Michael Evamy's latest book, Logotype, takes us through more than 1,300 examples by more than 250 design studios, revealing an incredibly wide spectrum of possibility in a discipline that is much more complex than it seems. Design studios will find this book especially useful as a reference bible for their branding projects, but common mortals will also be fascinated by its clean layout and illuminating insight into our own means of perception'.
Chiara Rimella, Cent magazine

'As remarkable for its painstakingly polished visual content as it is for its generous size. ... Evamy has pulled off a masterful feat of research, offering an adundance of different logotypes, and deliberately avoiding any repetition. The book is at its best when the little things are magnified - when we get a glimpse of the countless revisions and amendments each design goes through. Whether you want to swot up on these kinds of details, or just glance at the broad strokes of the history of logotype design, you're bound to find something worth finding in Logotype'. Computer Arts

'We've had a copy of Michael Evamy's latest book Logotype for about a week now, but we've only just got round to writing about it because, frankly, we've been too busy geekily poring over it' 
Design Week

'This is an indispensable handbook for every design studio, providing a valuable resource to draw on in branding and corporate identity projects'

'Definitely a great resource if you're a professional or looking to rebrand'  Advanced Photoshop magazine

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