• Paperback
  • 302 illustrations
  • 192 pages
  • 288 x 235 mm
  • ISBN 978 1 85669 6135
  • Published September 2009

Packaging is everywhere. Through boxes, bottles and bags, we make our products and services desirable in the global marketplace and celebrate our design capability, innovation and cultural diversity. Traditionally a means of preserving, protecting and promoting the products it contains, the rise of environmental issues and globalization mean that today’s packaging designers must do more to create innovative solutions that are also sustainable.
    This book shows how packaging design has changed to meet the demands of its new context. It takes the reader behind some of the world’s best-known brands to meet the designers, clients, marketers, technologists, scientists, environmentalists and retailers, to tell their stories about the development of some of the most remarkable packs of our time. Showcasing the best packaging design from around the world and presented through new colour photography, it also features in-depth case studies of some of the most innovative design processes in the field, with interviews illustrated by details about the design.

About the Author

Janice Kirkpatrick graduated in graphic design from Glasgow School of Art and in 1985 co-founded the international design consultancy Graven Images where she is Creative Director. A writer, broadcaster and lecturer, she has also curated several exhibitions including ‘The Good Buy Girl’ for the Design Museum, London, and ‘UK Style’ and ‘UK PackAge’ for the British Council.

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