Christmas crafting with Rubber Stamping's Stephen Fowler

Posted on December 7, 2016 by Laurence King Publishing

Christmas is the ideal time for crafting, and who better than our Rubber Stamping author Stephen Fowler to show you how to create your very own stamp, which you can use to create unique handmade cards. Please note, very sharp implements are required (as well as a steady hand), so be very, very careful while you cut.


How to Carve a Rubber Stamp


The first step – and the most essential – is learning to carve your first stamp.


Keep your design as simple as possible at this stage so that you can focus on mastering the technique; don’t trip yourself up with anything overly complicated. A scalpel is excellent for carving tiny detail. It makes the same V-shaped gouge as a lino-cutting tool, but in two movements – first the left and then the right side of the ‘V’. Some people find carving with a scalpel is an easy transition to make; others (like myself) take a little longer to master it. But don’t give up – after a few goes it will just click!

Step 1. Take your eraser and draw around it on paper.


Step 2. Using a pencil, draw a picture in the box.


Step 3. Place the eraser back on the picture square.


Step 4. Flip it over.


Step 5. Scribble on the back to transfer the picture.


Step 6. The transferred picture.



Step 7. Cut away the white areas, holding the scalpel at a 45-degree angle.


Step 8. Cut the eraser with a series of V-shaped grooves.


Step 9. Your picture is now raised in relief and ready to be printed.


Step 10. Gently touch your stamp several times on an ink pad; don’t over ink it. To get a good print, apply hard, even pressure.


Step 11. Your finished rubber stamp print!


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