Christmas with Jason Brooks: Part three

Posted on December 18, 2017 by Laurence King Publishing

Best-selling LKP author and illustrator extraordinaire Jason Brooks shares his top tips for festive things to do in three of the world's most exciting capitals. Finally the city that's the chicest place to hang out…PARIS!


The Louvre Courtyard


Any trip to Paris at Christmas would feel incomplete without a visit to the Louvre Courtyard particularly at dusk or early evening. The glowing Pyramid at its centre designed by I.M Pei looks almost like a giant Christmas decoration that has fallen and embedded itself in this breathtakingly dramatic setting of arcades, facades, rooftops and towers. If you want to linger to enjoy the view, dinner at Café Marly is always special. Not far away to the west, look out for the glittering Eiffel Tower with its light beam raking the sky.

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Palais Royal Gardens


The arcades here are romantic and peaceful at Christmas and the gardens with their rows of strictly pollarded trees complete a location that is both magical and meditative. There are shops to enjoy under the arches, including Didier Ludot which is in a class of its own for vintage Parisian fashion and Maison Kitsune for more contemporary clothing. If you need something to eat overlooking the gardens, Villalys is a  romantic option in a lovely location.

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Musée Rodin


The Musée Rodin is something you must see in Paris. The building itself is an incredible 18th Century mansion situated in beautiful gardens and the scale and grandeur of its spaces and interior details alone is completely stunning. This acts as a framework in which to immerse yourself in the sensuality, skill and emotion of Rodin's brilliant sculptures and drawings. I personally love drawing from sculpture and studying Rodin is instructive and fascinating, so if you are an artist of any kind, do take a sketchbook and get here early.

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Musée Saint Laurent 


Yves Saint Laurent's former atelier on Avenue Marceau , where he worked from 1974 to 2002 opened as a museum in September 2017.  It offers a chance to learn more about the creative process behind his work and experience the atmosphere and environment where is collections came to life. It's also the perfect  place to experience a burst of uplifting colour on a dark winter day. Desks and studios fascinate me, perhaps because I spend so much time at mine, and I was lucky enough to meet Yves Saint Laurent, so this is somewhere I'm personally looking forward to visiting.

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Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum in Paris is the world's largest collection of his work and if you are a passionate devotee of his work like me,  this is quite close to heaven on earth. Like any of the world's great museums, it's worth getting here early and heading to an area holding something you particularly want to see, perhaps on an upper floor. That way you will often get to spend time alone with a masterpiece which can be quite a different experience. The surrounding Marais area and the Place Des Vosges are also wonderful to explore whether you are revisiting them as old friends,  or seeing them for the first time.

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