Five fresh new nature-inspired trends, handpicked by Bowie Style

Posted on January 16, 2017 by Laurence King Publishing



Print & Pattern Nature is the latest in our series of books based on Bowie Style's hugely popular blog, and as you'd expect, it's bursting with beautiful images inspired by the natural world. We asked the brains behind the blog Marie Perkins to pick five of the freshest new trends which emerged as she was putting the book together, and here's what she came up with…




Florals by Miss Capricho 

After a decade of computer design being the height of fashion in 2016, we saw a real resurgence in hand painted designs. As an antidote to everything digital there was a need to reconnect with the artisanal skills of drawing and painting. Watercolour has a light, fresh quality that is perfect for interpreting nature using either lush colours for florals or translucent delicacy for foliage. In the loose painterly styles featured you can really see the hand of the artist and the organic beauty of nature.




Shippy by Wacka

Memphis was an Italian design group in the 1980s which took its name from a Bob Dylan song. It was founded in Milan by Ettore Sottsass and its primary colours and often simple patterns divided opinion on whether it should be taken seriously. 1980s style has now started to influence a new generation of designers using dots, dashes, diagonal lines and grids. Two artists who perfectly showcase these influences in the book are Atelier Bingo and Wacka.




Cactus Kitchen by Wendy Kendall

Cactus prints have been popular for a few seasons now and continue to inspire into 2017, thanks to their interesting possibilities. Cacti and succulents have a lovely architectural form so they make great pattern motifs and can be used in flower pots for yet more interest. In cool muted grey-greens, they offer a soothing backdrop for interiors, or the designer can experiment with vibrant colours for a happy, sunny, South American flavour.




Another look that continues into 2017 is Tropical. Think lush rain forests, desert islands, jungle greenery, and exotic birds. This theme is particularly popular for childrenswear, swimwear, party supplies, and summer picnics and dining. Birds such as parrots, toucans and flamingos give the designer a chance to work with bold colours. This theme can also include exotic flowers, fruit, and palm trees.



Dynamo by Mezzaluna Studio


The pared down simple elegance of mid-century furniture from the 1950s and 60s is perfect for today's contemporary homes and this popularity in turn has led to an interest in prints and patterns from this era. The invention of the electron microscope had given designers of the era the chance to see plants and minerals in close detail at the 1951 Festival of Britain so the fashion at the time was to show the form and structure of a plant so we often see skeletal leaves and seed heads. Look out for works by Skinny LaMinx, Eloise Renouf, and Nancy Wolff.

Print & Pattern Nature by Bowie Style is out now, grab your copy here and see more in the series here.

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