Make your own super-cute Christmas creatures with the Felt Mistress

Posted on December 8, 2016 by Laurence King Publishing

Create your own super-cute Christmas creatures with this simple step-by-step guide from our very own Felt Mistress, Louise Evans…


The Snow Flurries

The Snow Flurries appear at the first signs of snow and use their brightly coloured mittens to guide incoming snowflakes, and ensure that they cover the ground in a deep and crisp and even fashion.

They are also available to give warming hugs to small woodland creatures such as mice, voles and pine martens.


To make your very own family of Snow Flurries, first download the pattern here.

You will also need:

Small piece of white long-pile fake fur (approx 15cm x 8cm)

Small piece of coloured felt for the mittens (approx 5cm x 6cm)

Strip of white felt (18cm X 2cm)

1 pipe cleaner (cut to 25cm)

2 x 10mm black plastic safety eyes

Embroidery thread to decorate mittens and make hanging loop


Now you're ready to start…

1Cut two body pieces out of the fake fur by tracing around the paper pattern with a pencil. When cutting the fur take note of the direction of the pile and position the paper pattern on the fur  with the arrow pointing down the pile. Use small scissors and make shallow cuts so you only cut through the fabric backing of the fur and don't cut into the long fur fibres. Cut out four mittens from coloured felt and one white felt strip.


2 Make the holes for the eyes on one of the body pieces using a bradawl and push the plastic eye though, securing with the washer on the back.


3  Using an oversew hand stitch, sew all four darts on each body piece.


4  Sew the two body pieces together using the same oversew stitch (remembering to keep the direction of pile going the same way on each piece). Leave a gap at the bottom edge and small gaps on either side as marked on the patterned in red. Turn through to right side. Use a pin to release any long fibres caught in the seams.


5  Bend 2cm over at each end of the pipe cleaner. Fold the white felt strip over the pipe cleaner and oversew the edges together so it covers the pipe cleaner. Leaving approx 1.5cm of pipe cleaner ends exposed (the mittens cover these).


6  Push the pipe cleaner through one of the small gaps left in the side of the body, right through the body and then though the small gap on the opposite side. So you have even amount of arm on each side of the body. This is a bit fiddly as you need to search through the fur fibres to find them.


7  Blanket stitch two of the mitten pieces together but before you get all the way around slip onto the pipe cleaner arm and then finish sewing.

8  Decorate mittens with an embroidered star made with simple stitches as marked on paper pattern.


9  Stitch a piece of embroidery thread through the top of the body to hang up.

10  Start again from step 1 and make some more :)


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