Royal Bingo has landed!

Posted on July 10, 2017 by Laurence King Publishing

To celebrate the launch of Royal Bingo – the latest in our series of top quality Bingo sets featuring some of our favourite royals, both minor and major – we've compiled a few fascinating facts to test your royal knowledge…





How well do you know your Royals? Match the questions below with the Royals above…


1          Which Royal is obsessed with poached eggs?

2          Which Royal is a big Justin Bieber fan?

3          Who is a Judo Black Belt?

4          Which Royal was the first actress to appear on a US Postage stamp?

5          Which Royal did Adolf Hitler call the Most dangerous Woman in Europe’?

6          Which Royal is obsessed with Strictly Come Dancing?

7          Whose house has 257 Bathrooms?

8          Which mother and daughter have both won BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award?

9          Who was the first Queen to visit Antarctica?

10       Who has written 3.5 million handwritten notes throughout their reign?


Find the answers below!



Royal Bingo is out now and available to purchase from





1 Prince Charles
2 Prince William
3 Albert II, Prince of Monaco
4 Grace, Princess of Monaco
5 Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
6 Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
7 Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei
8 Anne, Princess Royal and Zara Philips
9 Queen Sonja of Norway
10 Queen Elizabeth II




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