This Is... Art History as You've Never Seen it Before

Posted on May 20, 2014 by LKP

This Spring we're launching a brand new illustrated art monograph series aimed to show you art history as you've never seen it before.

This is 'This Is...'


When Laurence King (the man himself) got together with art historian, Catherine Ingram, to discuss a new art book project they ripped up the art history rule book and came up with a unique, colourful series combining archive photography, text and images of artists' work including, most importantly, specially commissioned illustrations.


The series launches this May with three titles all written by Ingram: 'This Is Warhol', 'This Is Dali' and 'This Is Pollock'. The first two titles are illustrated by Brighton University Illustration graduate Andrew Rae and 'This is Pollock' is illustrated by New York based artist Peter Arkle.

The hardback books (with cut-flush binding) have been art directed by Angus Hyland of Pentagram and are produced to the usual high standard you've come to expect from Laurence King Publishing. Best of all, they are the perfect size for your handbag or man-bag, meaning you can carry them around and brush up on your surrealist and pop art knowledge while you're out and about. No more struggling to lift that weighty tome off your coffee table just to grab a glimpse of the Lobster Telephone or remind yourself of the macabre beauty of Guernica.




Imagine hanging out with Warhol at Studio 54, attending the Surreal Dream Ball with Dalí or making a drip painting with Pollock, dressed as a cowboy. This new series reveals the colourful lives that the featured artists led, where they came from and how they rose to fame (and sometimes fell back down to Earth). But why are we telling you all this here? Watch our animation and let the wonderful illustrations tell you themselves...


'This Is Warhol', 'This Is Dali' and 'This Is Pollock' are available now.

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