So You Want to Publish a Magazine?

By Angharad Lewis

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  • Paperback
  • 270 color illustrations
  • 168 pages
  • 9⅛ x 7½ ins
  • ISBN 9781780677545
  • Published August 2016

So you want to publish a magazine? Start here! 

 This guide shows you how to take your concept from idea to proper publication, step by step. It covers all the nuts and bolts of indie magazine publishing, from budgeting and distribution to design and print. Inspirational and informative, this book gives you the behind-the-scenes information you need to take your idea all the way to print, and beyond. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves magazines or dreams of starting their own.

About the Author

Angharad Lewis is a writer, editor and author interested in design and culture. She is co-editor of Grafik magazine, contributes to various publications and is a tutor at The Cass School of Design.

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Foreword — Jeremy Leslie



1: So You Want to Publish a Magazine?

Interview — The Publisher

2: Choose your Own Adventure

Interview — The Start-up

3: Who’s Who?

Interview — The Editor-In-Chief

4: The Anatomy of a Magazine

Interview — The Editor and Art Director

5: Ink and Pixels

Interview — The Distributor

6: Distribution, Selling and Subscriptions

Interview — The Retailer

7: Advertising

Interview — The Chairman

8: Launch and Beyond 

Interview — The Printer

9: Money Talks

Interview — The Innovator

10: Growing Up


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