Strategic Thinking for Advertising Creatives

By Alice Kavounas Taylor

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  • Paperback
  • 300 illustrations
  • 208 pages
  • 9¾ x 6⅞ ins
  • ISBN 9781780672731
  • Published September 2013

Strategic thinking is central to creating a successful advertising campaign, yet it is rarely taught systematically. This book enables advertising creatives to formulate a clear brief and to think strategically.

Structured according to the 11 essential elements of a classic advertising brief, it offers a simple, clear, universal template against which the student or young creative can map his or her current project, and learn to understand the key elements that make up a strong brief. At the end of each chapter, the reader uses the knowledge they have just gained on a hypothetical project, so that by the end of the book, they have employed each of the 11 essential elements and formed their own creative brief.

Featuring international examples of current and classic campaigns, Strategic Thinking for Advertising Creatives is a primer in classic advertising techniques and shows how these core principles are being adapted online.

About the Author

Alice Kavounas Taylor has enjoyed an award-winning, international advertising career in London and New York. She was formerly Senior Lecturer on the MA in Creative Advertising at University College Falmouth, a course she originated, led and on which she taught studio practice for 15 years.

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Strategy is 70% of Creativity


1.    Product/Service:
    What, precisely, is your advertising selling?

2.    Objective:
    What must your advertising achieve?

3.    Target Market:
    Who is the primary focus of your advertising?

4.    Strategy:
    How will the advertising achieve its task?

5.    Proposition:
    What’s the ‘hook’ that will attract the target market?

6.    Support:
    Why does the product interest this target market?

7.    Competition:
    Who else is fighting for your target market’s attention in this area?

8.    Mandatory:
    What has to appear in the advertising—e.g., a legal requirement.

9.    Tone of Voice:  
    Describe the campaign’s character – in three adjectives, max!

10.    Desired Consumer Response:
    What do you want your target to do, feel or think after seeing the        advertising?

11.    Media Requirement:
    Where will the advertising appear?

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