The Problem with My Garden: Simple Solutions for Outdoor Spaces

By Kendra Wilson

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  • Flexibind
  • 165 illustrations
  • 144 pages
  • 9 x 6⅜ ins
  • ISBN 9781780679266
  • Published February 2017

Do you long for a beautiful garden but hate weeding? Are you intimidated by roses or worried about watering? Do your neighbor’s trees block your sunlight? Is your outdoor space too big? Too small? An awkward shape? Or maybe you just don’t know where to begin… 

Whether you are seeking a solution to a specific problem or just need some inspiration, this handy guide leads the way with smart design advice, beautiful plant combinations, and easy planting tips. Read this book and the prospect of tackling your yard will suddenly seem less daunting and a lot more fun. 

About the Author

Kendra Wilson has access to some of the most remarkable gardens in England, while dissecting them for the American online publication Gardenista. With experience as a writer, picture editor and designer for Vogue, Condé Nast Traveler and Observer Food Monthly, she brings her unique perspective to the way gardens look and why they work.

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I don’t know where to begin

I’m daunted by the garden I’ve inherited

My garden is overlooked on several sides

My garden is too small

My garden is a car park

I’ve spent all my money on the house


Free food for plants


My garden is excessively hot and dry

My garden is a passageway

I have room for one tree. What should it be?

My garden has no soil, just pots

My garden is too long and narrow

I’d like water without a water ‘feature’


Simple pools, rills, ponds


My garden is overshadowed by trees

I have nowhere to sit

I have high walls and railings

I don’t like gardening in the cold

Large front gardens: what’s the point?

My garden is full of old rubbish


Bomb-proof plants


My garden is under siege 

Do painted walls cheer up a garden?

My garden is an awkward shape

My garden is like a child’s tea set

I detest orange in the garden 

Are roses complicated?


Ways with roses


Does a cottage garden require a cottage?

Is a white garden a cliché?

Has decking been overdone?

I don’t have time to water regularly

How do cutting gardens work?

I’d like an elegant vegetable garden


Ways with willow and other pliable things 


Will chickens destroy my garden?

I garden on rock 

My garden is like a bog

I want an English flower border

I’m worried by wasps

I hear that meadows are difficult


Gallery of grass


I am worried by my wisteria

Is formality out of the question?

I want trees for me, not the next generation

My garden collapses after June
There is nothing to look at in winter

My garden is on a steep slope


Inclines and changes of level


My garden is windy

My garden is too big

My garden is a field

I don’t like digging

My plants prefer to grow in the path

I need a fast-growing hedge


Interesting hedges


I don’t like mowing around trees

I’d like an orchard without the glut

My garden competes with the view

I am fed up with slugs

What can I plant instead of box?

I’d like a wild garden


Garden bestiary


I’m not really a flower person

I don’t like weeding

My garden is not relaxing