The Tote Bag (mini edition)

By Jitesh Patel

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  • Paperback
  • 300 illustrations
  • 160 pages
  • 182 x 130mm
  • ISBN 9781780671222
  • Published February 2013

Tote bags are becoming more and more popular because they are reusable and eco-friendly. This affordable and stylish alternative to the ubiquitous plastic bag is now also a fashion statement.

The use of tote bags has spread from the eco-savvy shopper to the style-conscious consumer. With this shift, totes have moved from being a purely utilitarian item to a medium for self-expression. The printed design on the tote bag sends a message about the owner's personality.

The graphics, imagery and messages displayed on tote bags are becoming increasingly sophisticated, subtle and imaginative. This book showcases some of the most striking, inventive and subversive of current examples of the tote.

The featured totes come from over 120 illustrators, graphic designers and design studios around the world, from the Netherlands to Nigeria. Designs include floral prints, typography, illustrations and characters.

About the Author

Jitesh Patel runs his own multi-disciplinary studio, Jai Studio, in London. Jitesh is responsible for the Tote Prints blog Patel's illustration work has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and books.

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Artists include

Aaron D. Carámbula / Alícia Roselló & Elisa Riera/ Andre Weier/ Andrea Forgacs/ Andy Ainger/ Andrew Bannecker/ Angie McCarthy/ Anke Weckmann/ Angus Hyland/ Ashkahn/ Ashley Jessiman/ Bart Aalbers/ Becky Redman/ Bosque Studio/ Bratislav Milenkovic/ Carla & Hugo/ Caroline Roach/ Catalina Estrada for Purocorazón/ Central Illustration Agency (C.I.A.)/ Chris Judge/ Chris Piascik/ Colm Larkin/ Christopher & Kathleen Sleboda/ Claudia Brown & Jessie Whipple Vickery/ Dave Hughes/ David Denosowicz & Maggie Doyle/ Dom Murphy/ Edmarlon Semprebom/ eBoy/ Elena Gallen/ Erika Firm/ Fabian Monheim/ Fita Frattini Caica/ Gabe Wong/ Gabrijela Bulatovic/ Gemma Busquets/ Gemma Correll/ Gemma Latimer/ Gemma Shiel/ Gluekit/ GraphicAirlines/ Hanna Melin/ Hannah Goudge/ Hannah Chipkin/ Hannah Stouffer/ Hen Weekend/ Hideo Kawamura/ HUGE/ Ian Stevenson/ Ingrid Reithaug & Tonje Holand/ Jason Ponggasam & Patty Variboa/ Jason Scuderi/ Jeremyville/ Jitesh Patel/ Joe Rogers/ John McFaul, Ollie Munden & Chris Malbon/ John Derian/ Jon Burgerman/ Jon Knox/ Jon Simmons/ Josephine Ada Chinonye/ Josh Cochran/ Julia Nielsen/ Julia Pott/ Julie Courtois/ Kai Clements & Anthony Sunter/ Kalene Rivers & Dan Weise/ Karin Söderquist/ Karl Grandin & Björn Atldax/ Karo Akpokiere/ Kaza Razat & Imani Powell/ Kazuko Nomoto / Kittozutto/ Kyle Stewart/ Lucie Sheridan/ Little Factory/ Make Art Your Zoo/ Manja Radic/ Mar Hernández/ Marcia Copeland/ Maria Holmer Dahlgren/ Martynas Birskys/ Mary Gaynor/ Mas Shafreen/ Megan Price / Medicom/ Mel Lim/ Miguel Melgarejo & Cristina Gutiérrez/ Morris Lee/ Nadja Girod/ Nina Palmer/ Noëla Parant/ Paul Farrell/ Pepa Prieto/ Proud Creative/ Rachel Gannon/ Rachel Rheingold & Michael Berick/ Ric Stultz/ Rob Marshbank & Julia Cagninelli/ Ros Shiers/ Russell Reid/ Rupert Meats/ Sara Hoover/ Sara Jensen/ Sarah J. Coleman/ Sarah Wilkins/ Sarajo Frieden/ Shinzi Katoh/ Simon Farrow/ Sonia Brit/ Stefan Tijs/ Stewart Walker/ Suzie Brown/ Tatiana Arocha/ Tofu Girls/ Tommy Higson / Toormix/ Ulla Puggaard/ Valerie Thai/ Valistika Studio/ Vicky Newman/ Yi Yu Shen/ Zaihasriah Zahidi/ Zeke Wade/ Zena McKeown & Ben Roberts/ Zeptonn/ Zosen & Claudia Font

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