• Flexibind
  • 320 illustrations
  • 320 pages
  • 11⅛ x 8⅝ ins
  • ISBN 9781780671109
  • Published October 2013

Drawing has always been a fundamental skill and good drawing skills allowed artists to grasp the reality around them. At the turn of the millennium, however, the general impression was that with the wide availability of computers, scanners, digital cameras and image software, drawing would dwindle into a marginal activity. In fact, the opposite happened: the enthusiasm for digital imagery died down and the ability to draw has become a treasured skill.

In the art world, attitudes to drawing have also changed. Drawing became a way of making a statement as an artist, of showing masterly skill – something that up to then had been most commonly associated with painting. After centuries in the shadow of its more illustrious fine art relatives, drawing started to be appreciated for its own sake, as an art discipline, an end in itself, an art form.

Walk the Line: The Art of Drawing includes interviews with the international selection of artists, as well as examples of their work. It will appeal to anyone interested in contemporary art and illustration.

About the Author

Marc Valli is the co-founder of retail and book-selling company Magma in the UK, and of visual art magazines Graphic and Elephant. He is the author of RGB (Reviewing Graphics in Britain) and co-author of Microworlds (Laurence King).

Ana Ibarra graduated in Philosophy in Spain, where she was born. She came to London to study Product Design. She is currently one of the editors of Elephant magazine.

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Practitioners: Derek Albeck (US) / Isabel Albrecht (Germany) / Kate Atkin (UK) / Adam Batchelor (UK) / Sabina Baumann (Switzerland) / Bayo (US) / Joe Biel (US) / Matt Bollinger (US) George Boorujy (US) / Carine Brancowitz (France) / Marc Brandenburg (Germany) Ernesto Caivano (US) / John Copeland (US) / Roisin Dunne (UK) / Jacques Floret (France) / Erin Fostel (US / Marcel Gähler (Switzerland) / Rachel Goodyear (UK) / Trevor Guthrie (Switzerland) / David Haines (US) / Mercedes Helnwein (Germany) Jason Hernandez (US) / Warren Holder (UK) / Seb Jarnot (France) / David Jien (US) Reece Jones (UK) / Sagati Keita (Japan) / Juul Kraijer (The Netherlands) / Juliette Le Roux (France) / Frank Magnotta (US) / Judith Mall (Germany) / Florence Manlik (France) / Rob Matthews (US) / Fionn McCabe (US) / Aleksandra Mir (Poland) / Shintaro Miyake (Japan) / Alison Moffett (UK) / Andrei Molodkin (Russia) /Moonassi (Korea) / Ethan Murrow (US) / Monica Naranjo Uribe (Colombia) / Mike Pare (US) / William Powhida (US) / Nigel Peake (Ireland) / Olivia Plender (UK) / James Pyman (UK) / Qiu Jie (China) / Giulia Ricci (UK) / Didier Rittener (Switzerland) / Camille Rousseau (France) / Rick Smits (The Netherlands) / Jen Stark (US) / Liam Stevens (UK) / Christiana Soulou (Greece) / Supermundane (UK) / John Paul Thurlow (UK) / Ante Timmermans (Belgium) / Viktor Timofeev (Latvia) / Winnie Truong (Canada) / Donald Urquhart (Scotland) / Sandra Vasquez de la Horra (Chile) / Marcel van Eeden (The Netherlands) / Rinus van de Velde (The Netherlands) / João Vilhena (Portugal) / Steve Walton (UK) / Stuart Whitton (UK) / Eric Yahnker (US) / Taizo Yamamoto (Canada) / Hon Chun Zhang (China)