Activity Time: Summer!

There’s still two whole weeks of summer holidays to enjoy, so today we’re sharing some easy-to-download-and-share summer- and outdoors-themed activities and colouring sheets.

These are in addition to our new activity-led blog features – see our spring colouring sheets here that are sure to keep your creative kids entertained and inspired for a little while at least, between the ice creams!

Discover Kirigami!

Create your own paper dolls, parade of dogs, chain of hearts – or be inspired and try your own ideas (think daisy chains, or even ice creams!) that are ready to colour in, bedazzled with stickers, or anything else that you can think of. Design, embellish and decorate your room!

*NB you might need an adult to help with a little work cutting out (please be careful when using scissors)


Have a go at one-line doodles!

You’ll be a-mazed with what you can do with one line! Take a pencil, and a piece of paper and create your very own maze with this quick and easy how-to. Create themed mazes, colour them in and challenge your friends.


Mixing and Combining Colours

Create striking patterns, and explore the way colours look good – and sometimes very different – when they’re mixed together, in these two simple how-to activity sheets. Follow the instructions to find out more about colour combinations, and then start experimenting with new ones of your own.


Spend your time in the shady parts of the garden, or the local park, spotting the local wildlife, and then download our activity and colouring sheets and have fun colouring in some of the bugs and beasties you might have seen!


And finally, for today, a majestic Unicorn from Enchanted Forest for you to fill with colour. Let your imagination to take flight…

Happy Holidays from everyone at LKP!

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