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January may be the official new year, but it’s Autumn that sees our most studious of new year resolutions. Take one brand new school year, add a new pencil case and notebook, and we all seem to find fresh determination to work harder, go that extra mile and simply learn more…


Whether that looks like adding a new subject, expanding on a theme, or learning a skill to you and your young readers, our book suggestions below might help foster some enthusiasm, earn some extra credit or illuminate a tricky subject.

We’re going to start with a series that launched a little earlier this summer that is already on the receiving end of lovely reviews (don’t just take our word for it, GeekDad said “If you’re looking to inspire your children to aim high and think big, [this] series is the perfect place to start and a Waterstones Bookseller said “The timeline and glossary make it perfect for school projects  while Minerva Reads adds wonderful treasures for any child’s bookcase, and an absolute pleasure to read, share and own  our Little Guides to Great Lives is a series of small but in-depth biographies about the lives of some of history’s most inspiring and talented people – who they were, what their achievements were, how they overcame their personal adversities to attain them, and how their discoveries, creations, or fights shaped the world we live in today.

Choose from the inspiring lives that cover lots of different areas of interest, including the arts, science, engineering, and activism with names such as Frida Kahlo, Nelson Mandela, Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci and Amelia Earhart. The books are beautifully designed with illustrations throughout and the facts and timelines will help with lots of different school projects. And for fun (or extra credit!), we have some special challenges to undertake – and certificates to be earned – inspired by each book. You can download our challenges in the ‘downloads & extras’ tab for each book here and help your young minds decide who they might want to be, or be inspired by today!

From great lives, to looking straight at life in general… we have some brilliant books that take a closer look at human and animal life… have you discovered:

Who Owns These Bones? a book that takes the unusual perspective of showing the skeleton first – in great and impressive detail – with lift the flaps to reveal the animal the skeleton belongs to underneath. Enlightening, and full of amazing anatomy facts. Perfect for biology lessons.

While The Element in the Room explores what makes up the fabric of the world around us. Taking a look at everyday scenes and uncover the composition of the elements that creates what we see and use. Perfect for getting to grips with the periodic table, and chemistry lessons – and with handy comics included to make the subject fun.

Jumping into the natural world, both A Year in Nature and Hello Nature (available in both book and activity card form) will allow curious minds to explore the natural world on their doorsteps, with handy activities to encourage interaction and with everything from stargazing, to tree spotting, pond dipping to some easy and impressive natural ‘makes’ – your young learner will master the changing of the seasons with new knowledge and wonder.

We can hardly mention the natural world without talking dinosuars. Perennially popular, but do you know your Triassic from your Jurassic periods, and where each dinosaur will fit into history? Our Terrific Timelines Dinosaurs provides a brilliant (bedroom, classroom or library friendly) pop up timeline display with cut out dinosaurs to learn about and place at their moment in history. And if you want to go even further, then try our Make and Move Mega Dinosaurs – brilliant paper models of a T-Rex, Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus and Pteranodon to create together.

And if timelines are your thing, but dinosaurs are not, then take a look at Cars and Fashion, perfect for projects and enthusiasts!

Be inspired, be creative, add lots of value and have fun… Happy reading and learning from everyone at LKP!

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