How to Host Your Own Bingo Party

Host your own Bingo party in the comfort of your own home.

What you will need:

For the perfect Bingo party, you will need to get all members of your household together and invite friends or relatives to join you with the help of technology. Turn the cameras and the music on, open a bottle of wine, make your favourite cup of tea, or hot chocolate for any small people that are with you, and let the games begin! If you already own one of our Bingo sets, you’re all set.

For those of you who don’t have an LKP Bingo:

We’re offering two free downloadable bingo cards from every product so you can join the fun remotely, as long as one member of your party has a full set and can be the caller. Scroll down for more info.


For unlimited Bingo fun, we’re offering you 35% discount on all our Bingo products. Just use code BINGO35 at checkout.

Laurence King have produced a variety of Bingo themes to choose from, all inspired by our favourite animal friends and beautifully depicted by our talented illustrators; there’s birds and bugs, cats and dogs, monkeys and sea creatures, dinosaurs, monsters, and more!

To get any free downloadable version of our Bingo kits:

Simply click on one of our featured bingo sets in this post, taking you to that game’s product page. Find the free cards and counters under the ‘Downloads and Extras’ tab.

How to play:

In case you’re not familiar with the rules, here are some simple instructions.

  1. You can play Bingo with up to eight people, one of whom becomes the caller and is in control of the tokens.
  2. Every player chooses a bingo card and a handful of counters.
  3. The caller takes an animal token and calls its name out. Whoever has that animal on their card should cover it with a counter while the caller places the token on the game board.
  4. The winner is the person who covers all the animals on their board first and shouts “Bingo!”.

We’d love to see photos of your Laurence King Bingo parties! Please tag us online at @laurencekingpub and share your memories with the hashtag #LKPBingo and #AtHomeWithLKP.

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