The Bird

Philip Kennedy



Jason Draper


From the Sculptor’s Studio

Ina Cole


The Women Who Changed Art Forever

Valentina Grande and Eva Rossetti


Fundamentals of Art History

Michael Cothren and Anne D'Alleva


Methods and Theories of Art History Third Edition

Michael Cothren and Anne D'Alleva


Sign Painting

Mike Meyer & Friends


Yayoi Kusama

Robert Shore


Read This If You Want to Be Great at Painting

Selwyn Leamy



Giuseppe Latanza and Francesco Matteuzzi

£14.99 (inc UK VAT)

Keith Haring

Simon Doonan


Philip Guston

Musa Mayer


Tracey Emin

Jonathan Jones


200 Words to Help You Talk About Art

Ben Street


Frida Kahlo

Hettie Judah


The Short Story of Women Artists

Susie Hodge