This is Gauguin

George Roddam, illustrations by Sława Harasymowicz


This is Goya

Wendy Bird, illustrations by Sarah Maycock


This is Kandinsky

Annabel Howard, illustrations by Adam Simpson


This is Leonardo da Vinci

Joost Keizer, illustrations by Christina Christoforou


This is Magritte

Patricia Allmer, illustrations by Iker Spozio


This is Matisse

Catherine Ingram, illustrations by Agnès Decourchelle


This is Monet

Sara Pappworth, illustrations by Aude Van Ryn


This is Pollock

Catherine Ingram, illustrations by Peter Arkle


This is Rembrandt

Jorella Andrews, illustrations by Nick Higgins


This is Van Gogh

George Roddam, illustrations by Sława Harasymowicz, Catherine Ingram


This is Warhol

Catherine Ingram, illustrations by Andrew Rae


Tracey Emin

Jonathan Jones


Typewriter Art

Barrie Tullett


Use This if You Want to be Great at Drawing

Henry Carroll and Selwyn Leamy


Ways of Being: Advice for Artists by Artists

James Cahill


Ways of Looking: How to Experience Contemporary Art

Ossian Ward