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100 Things to do in a Forest

Jennifer Davis, illustrations by Eleanor Taylor


100 Women • 100 Styles

Tamsin Blanchard


100 Years of Fashion

Cally Blackman


100 Years of Fashion

Coming soon

Cally Blackman


100 Years of Fashion Illustration

Cally Blackman


3D Bubble Writer

Linda Scott


A Book of Bears

Katie Viggers


A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky

Stuart Atkinson, Illustrations by Brendan Kearney


A History of Interior Design, Fourth Edition

John Pile and Judith Gura


A History of Western Architecture, Sixth Edition

David Watkin


A New History of Modern Architecture (paperback)

Colin Davies


A Type Primer

John Kane


A World History of Architecture

Michael Fazio, Marian Moffett and Others


A World History of Art, Revised Seventh Edition

John Fleming and Hugh Honour


A Year in Nature

Hazel Maskell, Illustrations by Eleanor Taylor



Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding