The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook: Second Edition

Martin Raymond


The Typography Idea Book: Inspiration from 50 Masters

Steven Heller and Gail Anderson


The Ultimate Insult Generator

Mike Barfield


The Ultimate Spell-Caster

Mike Barfield


The Vintage Showroom: An Archive of Menswear

Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett


The Visual History of Type

Paul McNeil


This is Bacon

Kitty Hauser, illustrations by Christina Christoforou


This is Caravaggio

Annabel Howard, illustrations by Iker Spozio


This is Cézanne

Jorella Andrews, illustrations by Patrick Vale


This is Chagall

Sara Pappworth, illustrations by Sarah Maycock

£9.95 (inc UK VAT)

This is Dalí

Catherine Ingram, illustrations by Andew Rae


This is Frank Lloyd Wright

Ian Volner, illustrations by Michael Kirkham


This is Gaudí

Mollie Claypool, illustrations by Christina Christoforou


This is Gauguin

George Roddam, illustrations by Sława Harasymowicz


This is Goya

Wendy Bird, illustrations by Sarah Maycock


This is Kandinsky

Annabel Howard, illustrations by Adam Simpson