The Homes We Build

Anne Jonas


Find Frida

Catherine Ingram, illustrations by Laura Callaghan


The Mermaid Atlas

Anna Claybourne, illustrations by Miren Asiain Lora


How to Raise a Loaf

Roly Allen



Rita Isaac


The Mischief-Maker’s Handbook

Mike Barfield, illustrations by Jan Buchczik


Pollock Confidential

Onofrio Catacchio

£14.99 (inc UK VAT)

Bob Goes Pop

Marion Deuchars


Extraordinary Things to Cut Out and Collage

Maria Rivans

£16.99 (inc UK VAT)

Make a Living Living

Nina Karnikowski


The Short Story of Film

Ian Haydn Smith


Around the World in 80 Trees

Jonathan Drori, illustrations by Lucille Clerc


I Saw It First! Ocean

Caroline Selmes

£19.99 (inc UK VAT)

Artemisia Gentileschi

Jonathan Jones

£12.99 (inc UK VAT)

Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner

Dave Hopkins, Angus Hyland and Kendra Wilson