Let’s Look at…Numbers

Marion Deuchars


Let’s Look at…Shapes

Marion Deuchars

£6.99 (inc UK VAT)

Miniature Enchanted Forest

Johanna Basford


Logo, revised edition

Michael Evamy


Keith Haring

Simon Doonan


Charles Darwin’s on the Origin of the Species

Anna Brett, illustrated by Nick Hayes


Amy Winehouse

Kate Solomon


David Bowie

Robert Dimery


Philip Guston

Musa Mayer


Pattern Cutting for Menswear, Second Edition

Gareth Kershaw


Product Design Styling

Peter Dabbs


Pattern Cutting, Second Edition

Dennic Chunman Lo


Couture Tailoring: A Construction Guide for Women’s Jackets

Claire Shaeffer


Tracey Emin

Jonathan Jones



Grimshaw Architects


Back on Your Bike

Alan Anderson, illustrations by David Spartshott