100 Ideas That Changed Fashion

Harriet Worsley


100 Years of Fashion

Cally Blackman


100 Years of Fashion Illustration

Cally Blackman


Creating Couture Embellishment

Ellen W. Miller


Denim Dudes

Amy Leverton


Digital Textile Design, Second Edition

Melanie Bowles and Ceri Isaac


Drape Drape

Hisako Sato


Drape Drape 2

Hisako Sato


Drape Drape 3

Hisako Sato


Draping: Techniques for Beginners

Francesca Sterlacci and Barbara Arata-Gavere


Drawing Fashion Accessories

Steven Thomas Miller


Fabric for Fashion: The Complete Guide Natural and Man-made Fibres

Clive Hallett and Amanda Johnston


Fabric for Fashion: The Swatch Book, Second Edition

Clive Hallett and Amanda Johnston


Fashion & Sustainability: Design for Change

Kate Fletcher and Lynda Grose