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500 Patterns

Jeffrey Mayer, Todd Conover and Lauren Tagliaferro


Delicate florals, bold stripes, geometric prints and sumptuous brocades – delve into the world of textile pattern design with this showcase of over 500 patterns. Close-up, highly detailed images of both designer creations and everyday items from the 1800s to the 1980s perfectly capture the intricacies of each fabric, while accompanying texts provide fascinating insights into the history and creative process of pattern design. This beautiful and accessible book is a valuable resource for anyone in search of visual inspiration.

Jeffrey Mayer is curator of the Sue Ann Genet Costume Collection and Associate Professor of Fashion History and Textiles at Syracuse University, New York. 

Todd Conover is Professor of Fashion Design at Syracuse University, New York. 

Lauren Tagliaferro is the Collections Planning Specialist at Rochester Museum & Science Center, New York.

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