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Almost an Animal Alphabet

Katie Viggers


For fans of Bruno Munari’s Zoo and Andrew Zuckerman’s Creature ABC, Almost an Animal Alphabet is a quirky combination of alphabet and (almost) animal book, introducing young children to the letters of the alphabet via a collection of appealingly drawn critters. With a gently humorous sensibility and a unique illustrative style, Almost an Animal Alphabet is a perfect choice for pre-readers who love animals.

  • Why is it called Almost An Animal Alphabet? There are actually 21 animals, 1 extinct animal, 3 non-animals (for N, U, and X), and 1 imaginary animal (for Y–can you guess? It’s a yeti.)
  • This alphabet book is distinguished by its simple, elegant style and the quirky emotional appeal of the animals – Katie’s art has a textural quality and an artisanal feeling that is enhanced by the matte paper-over-board cover of Almost an Animal Alphabet, making this a great gift for design-obsessed parents.
“This A to Z bestiary enchants with expressive, painterly monoprints that either retain their charcoal-like quality or are digitally colourised.”
Publishers Weekly
“Beautifully illustrated and full of humour – this book is a delight.” – Amazon reviewer
“Hilarious & very creative book. The drawings are excellent. Very realistic but with humour.” – Amazon reviewer
“Beautiful alphabet book. Perfect gift.” – Amazon reviewer
“This book is as charming and beautiful as can be. Full of animals of all kinds. A treat for young and old.” – Amazon reviewer
“I bought this book for my god daughter who is nearly 3 and she absolutely loves it. It’s one of her favourite books and she loves making the animal sounds. The beautiful and creative drawings also please both parents so in it’s an all round winner. It’s really refreshing to see a children’s book with very skilled and humorous illustrations in a format which is gender neutral. A step away from the all too common colour and role stereotypes for girls and boys. Can’t wait for your next book Katie!” – Amazon reviewer


Almost an Animal Alphabet ships internationally with free shipping within the UK.

Katie Viggers is a London-based illustrator and the founder of Eightbear, a company that produces an original and witty range of animal books and prints to appeal to kids and adults alike.

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