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Art & Illustration by Simple Means

Marc Valli and Amandas Ong


Artless presents some of the most compelling images created by contemporary artists and illustrators using the simplest of tools, from coloured pencils, Sharpies, crayons and watercolours to clay, found objects, Sellotape and card, or scissors and glue, creating images that are arresting because of their originality and spontaneity.

Through individual interviews with 49 artists, Artless looks at how and why these particular artists find the intimate connection between the unassuming tools they use and the art they create. The end results are images imbued with a great sense of fun and spontaneity.

Amandas Ong is a social anthropologist, occasional art writer, and was previously web editor of the visual arts quarterly Elephant.

Marc Valli is the founder of the retail and book-selling company Magma as well as the magazines Graphic and Elephant. His books include RGB: Reviewing Graphics in Britain, Walk the Line, Microworlds and A Brush with the Real: Figurative Painting Today.