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Citizen Canine

Dogs in the Movies

Wendy Mitchell


Citizen Canine: Dogs in Movies is charming and adorable collection of the best cinematic dogs is sure to delight dog lovers and movie-goers alike. The Citizen Canine pack includes sixty of the bravest, cutest and furriest pooches ever to grace the silver screen. From top-billed hounds like Lassie and Benji to comedic scene-stealers like Asta from Bringing Up Baby and Puffy from There’s Something About Mary, all your favourite furry friends are here. Whether you have a canine companion or just wish you did, Citizen Canine: Dogs in the Movies is your perfect guide to dogs, movies and the magical moments when they come together.

A light, entertaining introduction covers the history of dogs in movies, from Charlie Chaplin to contemporary indie darlings, while fun facts and stories from behind the camera bring the all the featured films to life.

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Find out all about the tricks trainers used to train these canine actors, the following are included in the book:

Scraps (A Dog’s Life), Toto (The Wizard of Oz), Matisse (Down and Out in Beverly Hills), Sandy (Annie), Cujo (Cujo), Hooch (Turner & Hooch), Beethoven (Beethoven), Chance (Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey), Fly (Babe), The puppies (101 Dalmations), Buddy (Air Bud), Lou (Cats & Dogs), Shaggy (The Saggy Dog), Sam (I Am Legend), Marley (Marley & Me), Rocco (The Drop), Bailey ( A Dog’s Purpose).

Wendy Mitchell is a contributing editor for Screen International. She has been a staff writer and editor at Entertainment Weekly, IndieWire and Rolling Stone and has written for The Guardian, Variety, Time Out New York, Glamour and Billboard. She consults for the San Sebastian and Zurich film festivals.

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