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Creative Thinker’s Connection Memory Game

Dorte Nielsen and Katrine Granholm


Make creative connections and have fun. This simple memory game is made of visual connection sets. The idea is simple and based on the theory that by enhancing your ability to see connections, you can enhance your creativity. So, the main goal is to find two matching cards that are visually connected. This new version of the well-known memory game is useful for training both the power of memory and your ability to make creative connections. The photographs on the cards are observational art photos, which helps the players see things in new and unexpected ways. Take the challenge and look at objects from a different perspective. Train your brain, have fun and be inspired!

Dorte is a creativity expert, author, keynote speaker and the founder of Creative Thinker and the Center for Creative Thinking in Copenhagen. Dorte also founded Creative Communication, an award-winning BA education programme for Art Directors and Conceptual Thinkers. Katrine Granholm is an award-winning Creative Director, Art Director and Digital Concept Developer. She is a renowned lecturer in digital tools and concepts in further education.