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Delft Deign Guide (revised edition)

Design Strategies and Methods

Annemiek van Boeijen and Jaap Daalhuizen


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The Delft Design Guide, revised edition presents an overview of product design approaches and methods used in the Bachelor and Master curriculum at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft. Product design at Industrial Design Engineering in Delft is regarded as a systematic and structured activity, purposeful and goal-oriented. Due to its complexity, designing requires a structured and systematic approach, as well as moments of heightened creativity. In this guide you will find strategies, techniques and methods that are taught in Delft. Some are unique to Delft, but many are more commonly known and widely used. The methods and techniques are each described in a practical one-page text, illustrated for further clarification and enriched with further reading suggestions.

Annemiek van Boeijen (MSc) works fulltime for the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Her research focuses on the role of culture in design processes. Jaap Daalhuizen obtained his Master degree in Integrated Product Design at the Delft University of Technology in September 2007. He aims to bridge the gap between design methodology and designers in practice. Jelle Zijlstra is head of the Man and Mobility department at the Design Academy Eindhoven and teacher of design and design didactics at the Delft University of Technology. Student Roos van der Schoor has been nominated for the Generali AM Innovatie Scriptieprijs with her Master thesis ‘your life, your money’.