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Digital Manufacturing

In Design and Architecture

Asterios Agkathidis


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This book examines the possibilities emerging for design and architecture by the introduction of novel computer-aided design (CAD) and digital manufacturing techniques. The form studies show the translation of digitally conceived structures into 1:1 physical prototypes. The constructs shown here do not pretend to be perfect finalized objects; they are to be seen as experiments with generative CAD tools, algorithms, and scripting applications, although some of the outcomes look like they are ready to be put into mass production. The insights which arose from these experiments are presented and organized within five production techniques: cross segmentation, accumulation, frameworks, loops, and folding.

These studies were created dur ing the design seminar analogue-digital’ held
by Aster ios Agkathidis at the Technical
University Dar mstadt’s Faculty of
Aster ios Agkathidis also published
Modular Structures in Design and
Architecture with Publishers, which
is now in its second edition.