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Fashion & Sustainability: Design for Change

Kate Fletcher and Lynda Grose


This book examines how sustainability has the potential to transform both the fashion system and the innovators who work within it.

Sustainability is arguably the defining theme of the twenty-first century. The issues in fashion are broad-ranging and include labour abuses, toxic chemicals use and conspicuous consumption, giving rise to an undeniable tension between fashion and sustainability.

The book is organised in three parts. The first part is concerned with transforming fashion products across the garment’s lifecycle and includes innovation in materials, manufacture, distribution, use and re-use. The second part looks at ideas that are transforming the fashion system at root into something more sustainable, including new business models that reduce material throughput. The third section is concerned with transforming the role of fashion designers and looks to examples where the designer changes from a stylist or creator into a communicator, activist or facilitator.

Kate Fletcher is Reader in Sustainable fashion at London College of Fashion and director of design for sustainable fashion consultancy, Slow Fashion. Her work in business, education, policy and research has been at the forefront of sustainability ideas and research practice for 15 years.

Lynda Grose is a professor at California College of the Arts. As a practising designer, consultant and educator, she cofounded ESPRIT’s ecollection line, which was the first ecologically responsible clothing line developed by a major corporation. Lynda also advises clients including Patagonia, Gap and the Sustainable Cotton Project.

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