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The Fast Guide to Accessibility Design

Baires Raffaelli


New in the architectural series is the Fast Guide to Accessibility Project. Written by Baires Raffaelli, this book explores the ways to create a project that focuses on accessibility. It is a reminder that serves as a checklist to those who design the everyday spaces we live in. It is a random (but not too random) collection of indications to make cities more accessible. This book wants to remind us that we are not alone and as long as we take notice of this, we will design welcoming, inclusive and functional spaces.

Baires Raffaelli (1975) PhD in Architecture, Theory and Planning. Graduated cum laude in Rome La Sapienza University, where he has been researching and teaching for years in Architecture and Engineering students. He has performed research within the fields of housing, population density and public spaces, and the results have been the source for partnerships among universities, public authority and private companies. Baires Raffaelli has always been very interested in the matters of accessibility: he is the creator and developer of the Buildings and Open Areas AVLA index (Certificate of Accessibility Level Evaluation). Co-founder of BRRE, he has been appointed by the City of Assisi (Italy) for the realization of the master-plan for the removal of architectural barriers (2019). Won the honourable mention for Diffusion of Architectural Culture in 2017 with his book “The Fast Guide To Architectural Form”.