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Magma Sketchbook: Idea Generation

Magma and Nik Mahon

£14.99 (inc UK VAT)

Artists have always relied on their sketchbooks. This was true for artists working within a fine art tradition and is just as true today in the age of Macs, digital cameras and computer-generated imagery. This new line of sketchbooks addresses the needs of contemporary practitioners: illustrators, designers, art directors, fashion designers, filmmakers and anyone within the creative industries. Helpful and user-friendly, these sketchbooks tread that fine line between giving users practical tools and information while not interfering with their creative freedom. They are also made entirely out of eco-friendly materials.

This Idea Generation sketchbook includes 136 blank pages with idea prompts for creative thinking, plus 16 pages of exercises and useful information on how to get from a problem to a solution, the four stages of the creative process, mind mapping and free association, reframing your proposition and using random stimulus.

Nik Mahon trained as a graphic designer at St Martin’s School of Art. After working as an advertising creative in London and the British West Indies, he became Creative Director at Rayner Advertising in Southampton and then a senior lecturer at Southampton Solent University. Nik has a PhD in ‘Fostering Creativity’ and has authored several published papers and books on the subject of creative thinking and related areas. He also runs ‘Ideate’, an organisation offering training in creativity and problem solving skills.