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New Thai Style

Kim Inglis, photographs by Michael Freeman


Thai Style is renowned throughout the world for its grace, form and colours,
reflecting wider national culture. Whether pavilion-style architecture,elegant
interior designs, innovative use of textiles and materials, Thai Style manages
to combine cultural traditions with skilled craftsmanship and modern
interpretations. These design forms have evolved into a 21st century paragon
of design practice and universally admired. Contemporary Thai Style —
one that merges ancient practices with modern fashions, graphics and
technologies is what this book seeks to showcase. Forward-looking forms
— be they in architecture, furniture design, art, interiors or landscaping are
featured in this exciting new publication. A number of carefully selected
homes, resorts, hotels and residences from the north, through Bangkok to
the islands in the south are featured in New Thai Style – a cornucopia of all
that is new and exciting in confident, thrusting Thailand’s design scene. Work
from established and emerging architects and designers are featured as
international culture vultures and collectors, hot hoteliers and developers
lead the way with a 21st-Century aesthetic, confident and contemporary, yet
still distinctly Thai.