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Product Design

Paul Rodgers and Alex Milton


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Product Design offers a broad and comprehensive introduction to the field of product design and the key role of product designers. It follows through all the stages and activities involved in the creation of a new product – from concept design to manufacture, prototyping to marketing. It encourages the reader to challenge conventions and to think about the subject in new and exciting ways.

The book also explores the diverse nature of product design, including new and emerging forms of practice. A rich overview of influential design movements and individuals are covered, together with interviews and examples from prominent product designers, and working practices and career guidance relevant to today.

Full of visual examples and practical information, the book is an essential guide for students or anyone interested in product design.

Paul Rodgers is Professor of Design Thinking in the School of Design at Northumbria University, UK.

Alex Milton is Director of Research at the School of Textiles and Design, Heriot-Watt University, UK.

Product Design – Table of Contents

Product Design Ethical Design Questionnaire

Product Design Test Bank Answer Key

Product Design Test Bank

Product Design Tips Sheet Designing Your Portfolio

Product Design Tips Sheet Guidelines For Drawing

Product Design Tips Sheet Identifying Customer Needs

Product Design Tips Sheet Mind-Mapping

Product Design Tips Sheet Research Interviews

Product Design Tips Sheet Writing a Brief

Product Design Tips Sheets Preparing a CV and Covering Letter

Product Design Tips Sheets Tips for Interviews

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