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Production for Graphic Designers, Fifth Edition

Alan Pipes


Computer technology has completely revolutionised the work of graphic designers, printers and print production professionals. To keep pace with these far-reaching changes, Production for Graphic Designers is set firmly in the digital age. This book embraces all the new and emerging technologies in graphics and print production, comprehensibly explaining the prepress and printing processes from traditional letterpress to the latest on-press CtP (computer-to-plate) digital offset and on-demand colour printing.  It also covers design to production workflows, reflecting new digital technologies, and spells out the many acronyms encountered by today’s designers.

In this fifth edition the material on digital technologies has been expanded, with increased coverage of Web 2.0, and with sustainable and environmentally sound processes detailed throughout. There are feature spreads on five new trailblazers in graphic design, including Stefan Sagmeister, Jonathan Barnbrook and Paula Sher.

Alan Pipes is a freelance writer, illustrator, webmaster and part-time publisher specialising in applications of computer technology in graphic design, fine art illustration and product design. He is the former editor of CadCam International and author of Drawing for 3Dimensional Design and Production for Graphic Designers 4e.

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