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The Book of the Raven

Corvids in Art and Legend

Angus Hyland and Caroline Roberts


Corvids play an outsize role in the human imagination. We keep ravens in towers, emblazon rooks on banners, find crows in the constellations and make sure to salute solitary magpies. We also see our own behaviour mirrored in this diverse family of birds, who are tricksters and thieves as well as problem-solvers and gift-givers.

This beautifully designed book showcases the visual and literary life of the corvid, from Norse legends to Game of Thrones. It includes beautiful and darkly seductive photographs and paintings as well as texts and poems in which they play a starring role and information about the traits that make them so intriguing to us.

Angus Hyland is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and a partner at Pentagram Design London. His previous books include Hand to Eye, The Picture Book, Symbol and The Purple Book.

Caroline Roberts is a journalist and author who writes mainly about the graphic arts, and she was the founder of Grafik magazine.