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The Modern Magazine

Visual Journalism in the Digital Era

Jeremy Leslie


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The last ten years of magazine publishing have been a period of rapid innovation, providing a vital record of the era’s diverse visual trends. The Modern Magazine features the best editorial design, looking in particular at how magazines have adapted to respond to digital media.

Encompassing mainstream and independent publishing, and graphic and editorial design, The Modern Magazine explores the issues now facing the industry, examining changes to the basic discipline of combining text and image for the global, Internet-savvy consumer.

The book looks at key developments in the field, interviewing a broad range of specialists to discover their understandings of the current state of the industry and how different areas of publishing influence each other.

Incorporating great visuals and genuine insight into the process of their creation, The Modern Magazine chronicles these exciting changes, providing a resource for designers, with interviews with major figures, summaries of new developments and trends, links to blogs, and more.

Jeremy Leslie is the author of the highly successful book magCulture: New Magazine Design and writes the influential magCulture blog. He has been designing magazines since the mid-1980s, art directing Blitz and Time Out and developing magazines for clients including Virgin Atlantic and m-Real. His magCulture studio provides hands-on design and advice to publishers and other clients working with content for print, tablet and online media. Recent clients include Frieze and Aeon Magazine.