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The Modern Oracle

Fortune Telling and Divination for the Real World

Lisa Boswell, illustrations by Apolline Muet


A playful, practical guide to fortune telling and divination, The Modern Oracle shows the reader how to use tarot, palmistry, crystals, runes, astrology, dreams and other signs to answer life’s big questions and solve everyday dramas. With expert guidance from a young Romany-Gypsy psychic and diviner, this book offers spiritual self-help to aid readers with their fitness goals or career ambitions, relationship dilemmas or dinner plans. A helpful handbook for anyone looking to discover their destiny and change their fortune in work, life and love.

Lisa Boswell is a young award-winning Romany-Gypsy diviner and psychic-reading teacher from Scotland. She runs a successful online business teaching fortune telling and divination at She attracts students from all over the world with her modern approach to traditional methods.