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The Puzzle of Hopefulness

A Little Gradient Jigsaw

Therese Vandling and Professor Susan Broomhall


Unique gradient puzzles for a new generation of jigsaw fans that tap into the mindful, self-care appeal of jigsaws. From Calm to Happiness, Hopefulness, Love and Ecstasy, the beautiful, mesmerising artwork of each little puzzle focuses on a different emotion, with accompanying text to help the user understand and make sense of these feelings. Perfect for fans of the Cloudberries or Areaware gradient puzzles or the The Box of Emotions. Titles in the series: The Puzzle of Hopefulness, The Puzzle of Happiness, The Puzzle of Calm (A21), The Puzzle of Love, The Puzzle of Ecstasy (S22).

Susan Broomhall is a Professor of History at The University of Western Australia and 2018 Co-Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions. Therese Vandling is an independent graphic designer and founder member of experimental print and design studio Heretic/Spectral Nation.

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