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The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook: Second Edition

Martin Raymond


Sharp, in-depth and highly visual, this is the fully revised textbook and teaching aid for students, tutors and in-house learning and development teams keen to know more about the world of trends, forecasting, innovation thinking and strategic foresight.

Designed and written as a practical ‘how to’ guide for design, marketing, brand and innovation studies students, updated chapters include the latest research and industry case studies on superforecasting, three horizon scanning, scenario planning, foresight framework building and the creation and running of your own trend and innovation sprints.

Students also have a chance to mix and merge the worlds of forecasting with future studies as we look at how techniques and processes such as the Delphi Method, cross-impact analysis, futures wheels and backcasting are being used by next generation forecasters to expand the ways they map, assess and define the needs and behaviours of tomorrow’s consumers.

Martin Raymond is the co-founder of The Future Laboratory, a strategic foresight agency whose clients include Google, Diageo, Unilever, Spotify, LVMH, L’Oréal, BBC and BMW. A regular commentator on trends and innovation, he is editor-in-chief of LS:N Global and has written several books including The Tomorrow People: Future Consumers and How to Read Them (2003) and CrEATe (2008). 

The Trend Forecasters Handbook: Table of Contents

Test Bank 1-7

Trend Forecaster Test bank 1
Trend Forecaster Test bank 2
Trend Forecaster Test bank 3
Trend Forecaster Test bank 4
Trend Forecaster Test bank 5
Trend Forecaster Test bank 6
Trend Forecaster Test bank 7


Answer Keys 1-7

Trend Forecaster Answer Key 1
Trend Forecaster Answer Key 2
Trend Forecaster Answer Key 3
Trend Forecaster Answer Key 4
Trend Forecaster Answer Key 5
Trend Forecaster Answer Key 6
Trend Forecaster Answer Key 7



Trend Forecaster Boundary Crossing tip
Trend Forecaster Depth Interviewing tip
Trend Forecaster Diversity tip
Trend Forecaster Empathy tip
Trend Forecaster Expert Panel tip
Trend Forecaster Photographic Case Studies tip
Trend Forecaster Question Framing tip
Trend Forecaster Role Playing tip

Trend Forecaster Running a Workshop tip
Trend Forecaster Using Observation tip



Trend Forecaster Web Resources

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