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What’s Your Type

The Type Dating Game

Sarah Hyndman

£15.99 (inc UK VAT)

This unique card game lets you test how type savvy you are! For everyone who wants to get to know fonts a little better, what better way than to go on a date?

Struggling to decide between Arial and Times New Roman for your CV? Can’t tell the difference between Brush Script and Bodoni? Understand type in a totally new way with this fun new game. The attractive gift box includes a booklet explaining type psychology and provides suggestions for four games to play.

Fifty cards feature different fonts to choose from: make your selection, then turn over to find out what the type you’re attracted to says about the type of character you are!

Playing suggestion: Best played with friends who aren’t graphic designers. You’ll laugh, you’ll groan, and you’ll discover that everybody has an opinion on the font they’d date/ditch/friend (they just might not realise it yet).

Sarah Hyndman is a graphic designer and writer. She founded the Type Tasting studio and her mission is to change the way we think about typography through her writing, workshops and events. Sarah is the author of How to Draw Type and Influence People and Why Fonts Matter.

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