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101 Kinky Things Even You Can Do

Kate Sloan


How To Make Your Dog #Famous

Loni Edwards


The A to Z of Dogs

Illustrated by Seungyoun Kim


Pooper Heroes

Zsolt Batki, illustrated by Aga Giecko


Into the Wild

Gemma Padley


The Book of the Raven

Angus Hyland and Caroline Roberts


Face Values

Navaz Batliwalla, illustrations by Shira Barzilay



Paul Gambino


Welcome to the Circular Economy

Claire Potter


Your Spiritual Almanac

Joey Hulin


The Book of Cat Poems

Ana Sampson, illustrations by Sarah Maycock


The Book of Dog Poems

Ana Sampson, illustrations by Sarah Maycock


Every Day Amazing

Mike Barfield, illustrations by Marianna Madriz


Whisky Poker

Charles Maclean, illustrations by Grace Helmer


The Women Who Changed Art Forever

Valentina Grande and Eva Rossetti


Myth Match Miniature

Good Wives and Warriors