Reading Letters

Sofie Beier


Saul Bass

Jennifer Bass and Pat Kirkham


Eccentric Structures in Architecture

Joseph Lim


Meta Products

Wimer Hazenberg, Menno Huisman and Sara Cordoba Rubino


The Spontaneous City

Gert Urhahn


Detail in Contemporary Glass Architecture

Virginia McLeod


The Book of Skulls

Faye Dowling


Fashion Face-Off

Maia Adams and Erin Petson

£8.95 (inc UK VAT)


Margherita Dessanay and Marc Valli



Emma Aguado and Polly Horner

£8.95 (inc UK VAT)

My Wonderful World of Fashion Postcards

Nina Chakrabarti

£6.95 (inc UK VAT)

The Medium is the Message

Anneloes van Gaalen


Product Design

Paul Rodgers and Alex Milton


Let’s Make Some Great Art

Marion Deuchars


How to Be the Best Bubble Writer in the World Ever!

Linda Scott


Bio-structural Analogues in Architecture

Joseph Lim