Introduction to Architectural Technology Third Edition

William McLean and Pete Silver


The Architecture of Yemen and its Reconstruction

Salma Samar Damluji



Grimshaw Architects


100 Ideas That Changed Architecture

Richard Weston


The Short Story of Architecture

Susie Hodge



Grimshaw Architects and Johnny Tucker


Make Sense

White Arkitekter, edited by Malin Zimm


BAWA Staircases

David Robson, Photography by Sebastian Posingis


Hassan Fathy

Salma Samar Damluji and Viola Bertini


Manufacturing Architecture: An Architect’s Guide to Custom Processes, Materials and Applications

Dana K. Gulling


Design Process in Architecture

Geoffrey Makstutis


How to Make Repeat Patterns: A Guide for Designers, Architects, and Artists

Paul Jackson


Luis Vidal + Architects, Second Edition

Clare Melhuish


The Art of Architectural Daylighting

Mary Guzowski


A New History of Modern Architecture (paperback)

Colin Davies


Cut and Fold Paper Textures: Techniques for Surface Design

Paul Jackson